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Your dog can be working just like the dogs in our gallery in less than 2 weeks.

Once it`s done it`s done for life, giveing you a solid companion to really enjoy.

I want to thank you for visiting our site. We will work together in evaluating your specific requirements and expectations. I am commited to you and your dog with guaranteed satisfaction. When quality matters call DeSanto.

The relationship involving a dog is their great companionship, friendship and protection. Having a companion to love and enjoying the benifits of receiving that unconditional love in return. But you want a companion that is well behaved and attentive to your commands. You want to be able to take them for a walk, have mannors in the home, ride in the car or visit places and have it be a pleasurable experance for both of you.


With the training I offer you and your dog, this will be accomplished. You will acquire the knowledge needed to work and enjoy your dog in all conditions. Your dog will have an understanding of the training and be performing calmly and confidently in all conditions. I look forward to helping you and your dog enjoy a better life together.         






We train all breeds.
Dog Trainer
Dog Trainer
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