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We offer free phone or personal consultations and a free evaluation of your dog. We can assist you in all levels and forms of dog training with your dog or finding and developing the right companion for your needs. Our reputation has been developed on a real commitment to our clients with results and guaranteed satisfaction. We can also assist If your dog needs to fly in for training or be picked up and returned. We encourage our potential clients to speak with other trainers before us only then will you be able to understand the quality of our training and our commitment to you. If your ready to start or just need advice with a dog question, please call anytime. I will be there to help you with all your dog matters.  

If you are having a behavioral problem call or email, lets talk it over. We might be able to solve it over the phone with uderstanding of the issue and advice.
If you have questions about things you`ve been told or heard about training or trainers I can clear up for you.
Housebreaking your puppy or adult dog. I can walk you through the process over the phone, you can do it!
I can help If you are looking to get a dog but want a better understanding of breed characteristics and their compatibility with your situation and lifestyle or where to get you quality dog. I can offer suggestions on what might be good for you.
 I will be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have by phone or email.
 On all phone calls please leave a message if I don`t pickup right away, I will call you back.
We train all breeds.
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