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We offer free phone or personal consultations and a free evaluation of your dog. We can assist you in all levels and forms of dog training with your dog or finding and developing the right companion for your needs. Our reputation has been developed on a real commitment to our clients with results and guaranteed satisfaction. We can also assist If your dog needs to fly in for training or be picked up and returned. We encourage our potential clients to speak with other trainers before us only then will you be able to understand the quality of our training and our commitment to you. If your ready to start or just need advice with a dog question, please call anytime. I will be there to help you with all your dog matters.  

E. E. B.
Executive, Estate & Business
Canine Consultant
   We will work together in evaluating your specific requirements and expectations. I will deliver your completely trained canine and be there to assist you in acclimating to all aspects of training and your new companion on site.
I worked over 30 yrs. with FBI, SBI, City, County, State Police, Prison, Therapy and the private sector in many aspects of canine training and breeding. I have assisted clients throughout the USA in the private sector, entertainment, sports and political professions with all their canine requirements. My dedication is to you, your family, home / business with unlimited support. Call for a free consultation.
The biggest deterrent to crime in the home or business is a canine.
I am not a broker or breeder. The SOP of the industry is to have a yard/kennel stocked with their breed of dogs that they try to sell you on. The problem with this is the dogs are getting older by the day, it is not uncommon for them to try to sell you on a 3 - 5 year old dog. These dogs become a liability the longer they are kept with the potential of sickness, injury and age. The titled dogs and selling tactics can be impressive and you settle on one.
But it wasn`t exactly what you wanted, or had in mind.   
As your consultant I will work with you to evaluate various breeds to fill your needs. In determining the best breed, I will locate the breed no matter how rare that you desire for the job you require with your best interest in mind. I assure you will receive the highest quality canine of your choice; any breed, sex, age, color, training
 companion / protector through E. E. B. with honesty, respect and complete satisfaction.
The assurance and sense of safety a family develops from their companion / protector is unparalleled. It really is the most effective safety factor you can have, for many reasons. This is one of the most rewarding experiences for my clients and me. I know I have helped them with security, peace of mind and companionship.
Quality pups (all breeds) with complete development / training program and support.
Obedience and Personal Protection training is available for your dog any breed.
When quality matters call E. E. B.
David A. DeSanto      704-661-6557
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