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I have worked with all breeds of dogs since 1979, training with and for law enforcement, security, therapy, tracking, conformation showing, handicapped people, obedience, scent detection and personal protection. I have assisted clients in the entertainment, sports and political professions with all their canine requirements. I`ve supplied clients with custom training and trained dogs. Also worked with everything from toy breeds to the largest and everything in between. I get a sense of pride knowing I have helped make it possible for you and your dog to have a long comfortable life together. Working with you and your dog is my passion.  

My two girls

Champion Bison

A Team

I have been training dogs since 1979 working with the private sector, FBI, SBI, city, county, state police, and the prison system in many aspects of canine training and breeding. My dedication is to you, your family, home and business with unlimited support. I assure you will receive the highest quality training for you and your dog; any breed, companion/protector with honesty, respect and complete satisfaction. 


I have imported and breed German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois`s from Holland, Czechoslovakia and Germany working with ZVV, KNPV and Sch. dogs. I sold dogs to the private sector and professionals, adults and pups. I can assist you in acquiring a quality working dog or pet any breed for home or business.


The results I offer you and your dog are real. The quality of my training and my commitment to you is unmatched. Once I have trained your dog it will retain the training and you will have a good solid companion for the rest of its life. The training you will receive will enable you to understand, apply the training and enjoy your dog.


It is a team effort no matter what training you desire obedience, behavorial, protection, guard, tracking whether its for home, personal or business and no matter the breed. We all have to be effective in doing our part in learning and applying the training. My job is not done till I have the team working together, you and your dog. I promise results no matter the need or issues. I will assist you in all your dog needs no matter what it is. If you are wanting a dog or puppy any breed, looking for a trained dog or puppy any breed, all you training. I will be there from the start to completion to ensure your productive, happy and enjoying everything about the training as a Team.  





The success of dog training is not just the dog but you.

Years ago I developed a follow up support format unlike any other to ensure my clients complete understanding and application of their dogs training. There are two sides to dog training. The first is a trained dog and the second is your training. The success of the training is you having a complete working knowledge and how to apply it. Its you having a companion that you can take and do whatever you want with, under any conditions with confidence, control and comfort. Over years of training dogs and their people I have perfected the deliverance and understanding of their dog`s training to my clients. 

My Boxer



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